profile00.jpgベーシスト、ソングライター、パフォーマー(シンガー)そしてプロデューサー。米国・ワシントンDC出身。13歳の時から音楽活動を始める。スライ・ストーン、エディー・ケンドリックスなどと共演。ニルス・ロフグリン(ブルース・スプリングスティーンのギタリスト)のヨーロッパツアーに4度参加。1984年、ルーファスと共に初来日。現在東京在住。作曲、ライブ演奏、テレビコマーシャルや日本のトップアーティスト達と活動中。’90年8月より高中正義の全国コンサートツアー参加、ベース、リードヴォーカル及びコーラス担当。’92年1月、ANRIハワイコンサート。’92年12月、’94年1月より織田哲郎全国コンサートツアー。’94年5月より小比類巻かほる全国コンサートツアー。’94年9月よりtrf全国コンサートツアー。’98年1月より鈴木雅之全国コンサートツアー。’99年trf全国コンサートツアー。’99年モントレー・ジャズフェスティバル出演。2001年m-floツアー。2001年より2004年松田聖子全国コンサートツアーに参加。現在、原田真二 鎮守の森コンサート他、イベントに参加。都内ライブハウスで自己のバンドなどで活動中。

Most of bassist/writer/singer/producer Wornell Jones' musical expressions have occurred in the background where he has distinguished himself on recording sessions in American and Japanese studios; he also composed songs for some music heavyweights, in addition to cutting an album in 1979, the self-titled Wornell Jones for Paradise Records.

He grew up in the District (Washington, D.C.), the original Chocolate City (a term used for U.S. municipalities with a majority African-American population). Biggest inspirations were Motown's fame bassist James Jamerson for soul music, and Ron Carter for jazz. He started thumping in the Palatons who played the D.C. and Maryland college circuit, before gravitating to clubs, playing primarily with blues musicians, most notably Bobby Parker.

He ventured into recording sessions via one of the Bon Jovi brothers, who produced Millie Jackson and Joe Simon sessions. Next came a long stint (seven years) with the Young Senators who became Eddie Kendricks' road and sometimes recording band. (They played on the My People Hold On album.) Work was plentiful: add spots on Jones' resumé for time spent with Bobby (Manriquez) and Friends, and a 15-year on and off relationship with Nils Lofgren. The busy bassist also toured with Sly & the Family Stone and blues queen Koko Taylor, interspersed with sessions for artists like Patrick Moraz.

Jones ventured into songwriting and contributed to Earth, Wind & Fire's The Eternal Dance, B. T. Expresses' 1980, Maria Muldaur's Open Your Eyes, Ramsey Lewis' Three Piece Suite, the Pointer Sisters' Black & White and Energy sets (both certified gold), and Rockie Robins' Rockie Robbins, a number one LP in the U.K.

"Must Have Been Love," from the Paradise album, was popular in the United Kingdom. After another go-round with ex-E Street Band member Nils Lofgren, Jones relocated to Tokyo, Japan, and called it home. He keeps busy gigging, and participating on recording sessions for Tim Jenkins, Emmanuel Walsh, Kohhy, Koji Kikkawa, Toshinori Yonekura, J. League Ole, TRF, Sluka, Chage & Aska, Hiromi Go, the Speed soundtrack, and many more, the list is ongoing. As a vocalist, he sang lead with Kuriya Makota & Kool Jive at the 1999 Montreux Jazz Festival in Japan. ~ Andrew Hamilton, All Music Guide